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    So there is patch that allows you to send the current page to Spare Time via the device menu, but for my usage, it'd be best to have this option in the context menu that appears when you hold down on a link (or meta-tap if you don't have the hold down patch).

    If anyone's got any ideas, it'd be great. Maybe a combination of the aforementioned Add to Spare Time patch and the Add Open URL Menu Option patch?
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    Hey, so I just went and made this patch myself using the patches I mentioned. Attached for anyone who wants it.
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    would you like us to change the title to remove 'request' for you?
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    Yes please, thanks!
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    Will this patch be updated for use with webOS 2.1?
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    Yes, I can update it, I already did for myself cause I use a version with ReKindleIT too...I just did not think anyone really used it, so I didn't update it. I'll send it in tonight.

    EDIT: Sent the patch to Preware.
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