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    Inspired by nhimret's patch: Vibrate when the other side picks up

    1. Vibrate when call start and end for 0.5 second.

    2. Vibrate at 45sec of every minute of call duration for 0.2 second.

    3. Compatible with ROM 1.4.5, pre/pre+/pixi/pixi+.

    4. NOTE: there are two versions of this patch,

    1) vibrate 45sec every min and call start&end with orig:
    works with the devices that have no similar patch been applied.

    2) vibrate 45sec every min and call start&end with Advanced Configuration:
    works with sconix's Advanced Configuration for System Preferences. If you have this sconix's patch installed, you must download & install this version.

    5. Install:
    1) backup the original file: activecall-assistant.jsjsjs
    2) download the patch with the right version.
    3) Open WebOSQuickInstall, Drag and drop patch to WebOSQuickInstall, Click Install, Restart Luna, Done.
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    I've found that the caller can hear the vibration during calls so i've been using the totally silent patch.

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