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    give me a wink if we can patch just type, but you can't tell me because of nda.

    those of you with 2.0, how are you liking just type? I justed watched the video for music remix for webos 2.0 using just type, and I'm not sure what I think about it. I've had a couple ideas about how I'd change it, but heres another.

    I think all your open search additions should become icons in your launcher, and just tapping that should take you to it's search page, or the sites homepage. Besically, searching an app and a website shouldn't be diferentiated in jt.

    I was thinking that all those options of what you do after just typing should be searchable, like a second just type box before or after (it could do either) basically just searching your launcher icons. Tap an icons, then there is a drop menu to select search or action, or launch app. Or maybe it's tap to launch, hold for the other two options, idk.

    so you type something in. If it's an icon (app or other) it pops up in univ search. Select launch, search or action. Search or action will give you another text field. Type and press enter.

    if it's not an icon (if the first thing you type is your search term or action) press enter to get to the next text field to search for the app/website you want to search or do a quick action with.

    yeah, what quick actions do is actually a feature I've specifically asked palm for, but now I don't know how I'd like it implamented.
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    Not that I have an answer for you, but I don't think any NDA would restrict someone from answering because the doctors are out for the Pre 2. EDIT: Well at least if they are patching a Pre 2 if they are patching the emulator, I guess that would be another story.

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