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    Is there a patch (or an alternate media playback app) that would allow me to do rewind and forward advance intervals in playback of audio files? I often use my pre as a voice/memo recorder or to record discussions that I later need to convert into written notes. Since I am unable to type word or ideas out at normal conversation speed, I often have to pause and rewind to relisten to a particular segment of an audio recording. Other times when there may be a lull in the dialog, I need an easy way to advance ahead a few seconds at a time.

    I am able to pull up recorded files using the Music Player. I also have Internalz installed which maybe has its own built in audio player? (I'm not sure what it uses to be honest, but know that it is different from the default Music Player). But neither option allows me to do the quick advance or rewind that I need, I am only able to advance to the very beginning or end. The Internalz player has a slider bar to move forward or backward, but it is very clunky to use in this way.
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    ffplayer in preware
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    Doesn't Music Player Remix have this ability?
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    Doesn't Music Player Remix have this ability?
    Yes, the latest public beta allows you to go forward or backward by 5, 30, or 60 second intervals. To access these controls, either tap and hold the album art. Or hit the backspace key on the keyboard.

    Once the fine-tuned controls are displayed on the screen, you can either tap them on the screen or use the following keys to control them: Orange/Gray, Z, X, M, Comma, Enter.
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