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    Here is the modification of the original patch from nhimret (to be loaded if the patch: Power button to end calls is also loaded, webOS 2.0.1 only !)
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    did you notice a problem if you had power button to end calls? Did you have to change the original 2.0.1 patch very much?
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    I never loaded the original patch, just adapted it to work with the patch: Power button to end calls, then loaded it and it works nice
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    Hi guys,
    i cannot get any of the patches running on my pre3 and i cannot find the path described in your posting
    In my folder /usr/palm/applications/ there ist no app folder and no controllers folder in it and no activecall-assistant.jsjsjs.
    Whenever i copy it there, i only get checksum errors with the activecall-assistant.jsjsjs
    Any help would be appreciated!
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    I take this old post , the patch is useful for calls but you can not install....I refer to webos 2.2.4
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