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    hi, this one should be simple, in the call history it would be nice if it could display the time the call ended next to the time the call began [ex. MOBILE, 9:17 PM - 10:03 PM]
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    There are a couple of call duration patches already.

    They don't do quite what your example illustrates. Rather they display the time the call began and the call's duration. If you're clever, you can work out the end time from that.

    sconix's advanced system configuration patch does that and much more.

    I'd recommend it.
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    yah I've got one of the call duration one already but it'd be nicer to just have it displayed & not have to do math..

    are there any other patches that modify that line that I might be able to dissect? I've been wanting to learn about patch making anyway.
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    sorry for the bump but... any takers? =/ it would be much appreciated

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