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    i was wondering if there was a way to re-program the top slider toggle thing next to the power button. i never use it to silent my phone so it would be nice if i can use it for something the camera app.

    meaning, if i slide it one way, it enters camera mode, and when i slide it back it closes that app. another suggestion would be to toggle a flashlight on/off

    thanks guys...
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    I use that switch to toggle the flashlight with mode switcher

    In ms, I have the switch launch the my flashlight app, which turns on the flashlight, and turning the switch off will close that app. It works ok, because sometimes it doesn't work wile the screen is off, and it will still toggle your sound at the same time. I believe flashlight as a setting control is coming natively to mode switcher in 2.x.

    U could have it do the same with the camera app using mode switcher.
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    ok thanks buddy

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