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    I have long running SMS message threads with my kids several hundred messages in each thread. Right now, I have two choices: 1) Leave the threads alone, or 2) Delete the entire thread.

    Can someone develop a patch that gives me the ability to delete messages within the thread prior to a certain date or length of time?

    My Treo had such an option for messages & calendar events.

    Memory space is not the issue. I just do not want to keep messages beyond 90 days or so, but I do want to retain the current ones, for a while.

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes, the "purge" menu item in palmOS was a necessity for anal people like me who likes the databases small. This would be a great addition to webOS.
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    I made this request to he developer of the purge all convos patch.. I was going to follow up, but I suspect he has a lot to do to get that patch ready for 2.0.

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