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    It sux to have to unlock my screen..enter pin, all to just turn my alarm off! Is there anything like this?
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    Yes, please! Ideally you could silence alarms using the volume buttons, just like you can with the phone's ringer.
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    I'm pretty sure the locked screen is one of the few things we are unable to change, along with hardware button functions.
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    I agree. I hate unlocking my phone to turn an alarm off. I would think that it would have to be written into the app. But I dont know for sure. The music players all function when locked so Its weird that alarms and other notifications dont unless the app is written that way.
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    there is a patch so that you can at least bypass the Pin step, but that would apply at all times, not just for alarm situations.
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    Im thinking exhibition with 2.0 will fix this stuff too. I cant wait to see how thats used with apps.
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    oh one hand it wakes me up more to enter my pin, so i wont press snooze. but on the other hand, yeah i could press snooze easier. so yeah +1
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    Mine usually only goes When it's plugged in. I don't think the screen locks when it's plugged in, correct. Idk cause my screen is always on when plugged in using ms.

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