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    So the wireless phone protection provider, Asurion, has this program where you can trace your phone if its lost or lock it or set off an alarm. Its free to anyone subscribing to insurance. I gave it a try on my Pre Plus with VZW. I sent a text to Asurion and they replied with a link. When I clicked the link it opened up this sort of App Store looking thing to download the Asurion app on to my Pre.

    So it got me thinking, the Asurion app wasnt part of the regular Palm app store. So since it was downloaded from a link to my phone, is there any reason why Preware cannot also be downloaded and installed that way? It sure would be easier than putting the phone in developer mode and downloading and using webos quickinstall. Imagine having just a link that you can click from the main page of from your phone. Any thoughts?

    BTW, I ended up removing the Asurion app because witout accurate GPS its pretty much worthless.
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    Did it open up the App Catalog app? Or just a web page?
    Unless it's a private app in the web feeds, I'm not sure how they did it.

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    You have to put your phone into dev mode to install Preware. In addition to some legality issues I don't think it's possible.
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