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    this was already posted on the pre forum, but i am reposting here:

    first of all, i appreciate all the hard work everyone does over here with apps and mods and what not..but ive had a few bugs that i wanted to see if anyoen had a fix for...

    1. i typically leave a few cards open (phone app, messaging, calendar) and sometimes ill have 2 or 3 text conversations open as well (open convos in new card tweak)

    the problem is when i get a new text from an existing conversation and i click it on the bottom in the notification area, it reverts to the messaging app and not the open conversation. now i have 2 identical cards of the same conversation... what's annoying about it is many times i cant swipe backwards to the main page...the only way i can go back is swiping the card away and reopening it.

    my question is, is there anyway someone can program it to search for the open conversation and open the msg in the existing conversation card vs. the main messaging card? and if that's not possible at least make it so that it opens a text from notification to a new card??

    #1 is normal behavior that I've seen on my Pre since early inception of that particular patch. The notification uses the main text window by default whenever you choose to open a notification using bottom balloon icon (after you receive a new notification).

    If you have an open window with John for example and then then you receive a text from John, you can always just slide to the card with John's conversation and maximize that window.

    Obviously this doesn't work if you receive a text from someone that your device is currently not displaying in a card.

    If you DO open the notification using the balloon icon, you can always swipe back using the meta-tap area and that will take the open text/conversation window back to the main text command card (main text window).

    These are work-arounds and not solutions. I'm assuming that your request is far more complicated at the current time.

    @Achill3s, yeah im doing the workarounds right now, but they're not always successful. sometimes when i open a new message from "john" it wont allow me to swipe back to the main text window. the only way to do that is to swipe away and reopen the app. this is the main reason i asked for a solution.

    2. sometimes i put the phone on speaker and lay it down..the screen often turns off by itself which is fine, but sometimes i need to turn on the screen to do something...i have a bad habit of pushing the power button which hangs up on the person. the only real way to turn on the screen without disconnecting is to slide up.

    my question is can u make it so that adjusting the volume would turn on the screen? or maybe that 1 click power would turn the screen on, 2 clicks to disconnect (in other words only disconnect when the screen is on...)


    2. It sounds as if you have a patch that ends all calls with the power button. I don't see that behavior on my Pre. I just tried it again using the speaker, allowing the screen to go dark and then lighting the screen once again using the power button. It did not hang up the call. Screen illuminated with no issue.

    @Achill3s: yes, i forgot i had a patch installed. i actually use that patch regularly, i just kinda wanted it modified so that if the screen does go black, u can use different buttons (volume) or single-tap power to turn it back on. (i usually rapid fire like 3 or 4 times anyway until i hear the disconnect beep lol)

    3. this one probably exists already, but i havent found it yet- i have the tweak to save numbers as "do not answer" to ignore, but how do i do the same for numbers that show up as "unknown number" ? i get bombarded with calls from solicitors and im just sick of it....
    the thing is, i dont want actual numbers not saved in my phone not to go through. (triple negative?? haha) meaning, if i get a call from a 123-456-7890 i want it to go through, but not a blocked number or an unlisted number. also i want a patch to block specific area codes. meaning i live in south fla, i dont know anyone in montana or dakotas, or delaware... yet i get solicitor calls from those states. i get random 305 or 954 numbers call me (that i want to allow) because those are usually friends/family calling me from work or home #'s etc. i guess im looking for a more enhanced call blocking app that is more flexible in it's restrictions

    thanks for the help everyone keep up the good work.. i hope these make sense and hopefully someone would come up with a good solution..
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    wow..#2 is definitely a nice suggestion...but i highly doubt that #3 is patch-able...haha...n it certainly ask a lot from our dearest patchers..
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    I could use a patch to hide single convos from being opened via the sms app. That way if someone picks up my pre those certain convos would be hidden.

    for those whose minds work in over time...i need this cuz of my brother. He's always messing with my phone.

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    bump..any help would be greatly appreciated

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