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    This probably isn't the right part of the forum to post this and I apologize. But I'm curious how to take my entire AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) conversation I had with somebody off of the phone. Where is the location? For some reason after I reboot or unplug from charging through the PC my AIM signs out and refuses to sign back in. So then I am forced to remove my current AIM account (which causes me to lose all my conversations) and add it back. I would really like to save this conversation I had, but is this even possible? Thanks a lot in advance!


    Edit: I actually I just resolved the issue of not being able to sign back in, but I'm still curious about my question above in case this happens again!
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    Check my post here:

    Not exactly sure if chats ar stored in the same location in the database or not, I haven't played with the db3 in quite some time.
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