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    I think there's a chance that a patch that places the user's four most recently opened OR closed apps on the quick launcher might be of some use. I suppose it's similar to Android's access to the last five (or six?) opened apps, and some people may want it for that very reason. There are other implications, some of which are listed below.

    Concerns: Is reordering launcher icons even possible with a patch? You're the experts...


    So once we all have super hardware and keep 56 cards open all the time it might be a bit of a hassle shuffling through cards/stacks to find the app we're looking for. If the last few apps that were opened are available in the quick launch it will make immediately switching to them that much easier.


    This might have interesting implications with Mode Switcher and time-based triggers. If, unlike our friend Dieter, you like that clean, empty workspace you could configure Mode Switcher to open&close apps for the sole purpose of reconfiguring your quick launch bar. Say when I'm going to work I want easy access to calendar, tasks, etc. but on the weekends I want... I dunno... Foursquare of whatever.

    I'm willing to bet there are way more factors at work than what's coming to my mind right now (maybe the sheer randomness would be a little too much), hence the question mark in the title.

    So. What do you think?
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    First thread fail. Bummer. I'll make my next one about how I'm jumping ship. lol.
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    I think there are good ideas that are mostly out of the relm of patching. I had a bunch of crazy ideas when I first got my pre, but I think it's kind of a mater of working with the code your given.
    sconix's patchs def open some possabilities, but there are still limitations.

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