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    I wonder if one of the devs here can figure this out: The one feature that is great about PreFox is the arrow buttons to switch up/down from field to field and back. Currently there's a site that i am trying to log into that I can't tap on the screen to go from the username field to the password field for some reason in the Palm Browser. Since there's no TAB button on the Pre, this causes a problem. However, on PreFox, when I press the down arrow button for jumping to the next field, it puts me into the password field without a problem and then I can click the login button. After logging however, PreFox closes due to memory issues and I can never see the page it's going to. If there is someone that can create a patch for the normal Palm browser to go to the next field, that would be great! Any takers?
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    A tab like function in the browser would be great as it allows for faster navigation in quite a few web pages. Specifically for me on pages with a lot of links, sometimes my fat fingering causes a link click when not warranted.
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    I think this would be very useful.
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    Yes, I was wishing for this the other day!
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    I want top of page and bottom of page buttons on the screen. I was looking at how they did it in the multi mod patch for backspace and enter, but I don't kno how to rewrite that as a command for the on screen buttons.
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    Much requested feature, so far no luck in actually getting it.
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    Yes please. I would love to see this feature. I could just see the button coming up next to refresh/stop when in a text field. +1

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