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    I have had my Pre Plus on VZW since June 2010. Stumbled onto Precentral and Homebrew community and am in heaven. have tried most every patch that I thought might work for me and am overclocking. About a month ago my Pre crashed and left me with restoring from my profile. I lost all the patches of course and most installed apps. I did not know about the saved list function in preware so spent the time reinstalling patches and apps one by one, but was not able to reinstall some patches that i had before, for example the Advanced Launcher patch. Discovered the Saved Packages list and EPR when the
    Advanced Config for Systems Preferences patch came out and followed the instructions for it. But it wouldn't install. Have tried EPR several times.
    Also lost ability to download new apps. I went thru resetting Pre with Palm and got ability back to download apps but Apps List in Launcher menu is empty.
    Also cant move apps from page to page in Launcher. Should I webOS Doctor?
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    if you haven't done a lot to your phone, starting with a fresh doctor might be best.

    fyi, some patches can be sensitive to the order of install. What I do is start with the most critical and complicated first - like advanced config for app launcher.

    once the important ones are running, I can add the rest.

    this will be a good lesson in usng the saved package list and save/restore app in preware.
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    thanks cantaffordit. should i do save/restore before saved package list install all?
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    save package list first

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