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    Quote Originally Posted by thednbselecta View Post
    I have 2 pre's (with different patches) and 3 touchstones. Both pre's will do this with one of the touchstones (the same one). Just so happens to be the touchstone i purchased from The other 2 i got directly from vzw as part of the touchstone/charger bundle and they work perfect.
    I have two touchstones, I ordered them both off of precentral. One seems to be ok for the most part. The other one I keep at work has this problem constantly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobross View Post
    Not sure why my phone started doing this. When my phone is on the touchstone, I press the power tab to turn off the screen, it goes black and I see the time and locked icon. Within about a second, the screen just turns back on. Any ideas why this is happening? I have the following touchstone patches installed:

    "No charging Banner On AC or Touchstone"
    I had the same problem... It was the defective headset switch kept going in and out of headset mode causing the screen to turn on... Just got my new pre this week (pre minus sprint) and no problems anymore and I'm using the same touchstone and same back cover...
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