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    When I give my Pre for others to take photos, the curved body of the Pre tends to make them shoot a bit crooked.

    Is there any way to stick toggle in the camera to shoot a photo automatically (one-off or continuous) when the accelerometer detects the Pre's being held straight?

    An alternate implementation would to be just to have a number or spirit guide in the camera in the viewfinder that would show if you're straight or not.

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    I try to use the 'mirror' to help with this, but a patch like this would be kind of cool, I'd probably use it.
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    this sounds cool. Maybe even deactivate the shutter button until the Pre is straight
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    (wishful thinking)

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    also need a patch to keep their fingers away from the flash led. People naturally grip the phone with a finger over the led, which creates glare in the pic.
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    also, there are some photo cropping apps in the catalog that will straighten them for you right from the phone.

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