I have a blocked number that I use for business and personal. When I want my number's caller ID visible, I simply put *82 in front of the phone # in the Contacts app.

However.....There is a problem when you have phone numbers with *82 in them (used to unblock a blocked number when you dial), the Messaging app will reply with the error "Message Sent to invalid Destination" because it tried to message to the *82-xxx-xxxx number.

Can a patch be written to have the messaging app "Ignore" the *82 (and maybe any of the other *xx phone codes) so that a text message can be sent.

I started this thread http://forums.precentral.net/palm-pr...sing-82-a.html with a lengthy and less than perfect workaround where a simple patch to ignore the *82 would save the need to have redundant numbers in the contacts application.

I am willing to test and debug if someone has the know-how.