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    Yep, restarted Luna and full. Checked to make sure the pictures were in the correct folder. I do actually get the EV sign when it is up. But the battery and the RSSI are missing. I did install through internalz though. I cannot get quickinstall to work for some reason.
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    EV is the stock image.
    sounds like the patch did not install
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    Well, it installed something. I am only guessing, since the battery and the signal strength are gone. Any suggestions?
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    The only thing it could be is that you have the images in the wrong folder or you have the images in a folder in your wallpapers folder.
    all images need to be in the wallpaper folder.
    not in a sub folder. i.e. wallpapers/red/
    hope this helps you.
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    Hm...well I have them just in the folder. I will try with a different color maybe that helps.
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    hey warlord...i wanted to try this out and the .patch links in your initial post dont seem to be working?

    never mind....working now? musta had a D-A moment.
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    glad you got it working
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    I see that I'm pretty late to the party but I've just come across this very attractive topbar patch to see that the links to the actual icons are gone now. Does anyone still have the file? or any individual color zip files? Any color will do.

    edit: Went ahead and made my own. Thanks
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    hey all, I was looking to get the image files but they aren't working. I haven't been able to take a look at the patch to see what making my own images entails and was wondering if someone could post any of them up for me.

    many thanks! I'm actually excited for the patch with overlay because I like your full wallpaper patch warlord, but I need an overlay and couldn't really figure out how that works, until I found this obviously.

    thanks again!

    **edit** so I decided to check out the thread related to the top bar full wallpaper patch in preware and of course I should've looked there long long ago because the exact patch i was looking for was right there! I went ahead and modified the corners to match the transparency instead of taking them out completely because I like the "roundness" of webOS and the flat bar on top just seemed to abrupt for my taste. I guess i could've taken the bottom corners off and unified it more but I like it.

    Thanks Warlord for all your hard work getting these things out for us to use!

    I know I'm a little late to the party with all of this but I'm havin fun!

    I still wouldn't mind getting those images from the OP though

    have a great night everyone!


    **edit 2 ** screen shot for ya
    Attached Images Attached Images
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