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    I want to be able to have the screen stay off when the phone is locked.

    I get a lot of SMS messages (mostly news), and it wastes a lot of battery, not to mention annoying.

    Or maybe screen stays off for SMS notifications only, but on for other notifications.
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    under screen settings you can turn off notifcations when locked. In the message app you should be able to turn off notifications as well.
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    I want to have all notifications functioning normally when the screen is on, and unlocked, like when I'm using the phone.

    However, I want to have the screen stay off when it's locked, with no sms notifications waking the screen, but with all other notifications functioning normally (ie, waking the screen).
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    I wonder if sconix advanced system preference will suit your needs. Not sure about the locked part though.
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    I'm interested in this as well, with the screen remaining off while LED notifications continue.
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    i love the idea...more discreet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Speebs View Post
    I see from the description of this patch that these 2 functions seem close to what I need:

    - You can now select an individual account to modify the notification preferences for that account.

    - The New Message section gives options for Blink Notifications and on-screen Notifications (on or off for each).

    But, I want the ALL notifications, including sms, to function normally while unlocked. When LOCKED, I want only the sms notification to be disabled, keeping the screen off.
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