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    I see clipcarl's iphone user agent hack but I'm really wanting something more general. (and I don't see his patch in Preware anyway?)

    Can we get a menu option in the browser the adjust the user agent on the fly?
    What specifically makes me want this is Amazon and IMDB which are completely useless as mobile sites IMO.

    To be fair Amazon's desktop site is too messy for a mobile device but I'd rather deal with the expansive mess than have one hand and 3 fingers tied behind my back.

    IMDB is 100% junk as a mobile site. Every time I try and use it on the Pre I want to break something in frustration.

    So while I'd like to be able to spoof a desktop device as my user agent, such a patch really would lead to the obvious. Give me the choice to spoof being a googlebot and other options as well.

    Is there already a patch for this I'm missing in Preware?
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    There's the iPhone spoof in webOSQI. That's the only one I know of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GQGeek81 View Post
    Can we get a menu option in the browser the adjust the user agent on the fly?
    Not easily, no. The user agent string doesn't currently come from the browser code, but a binary shared library file that gets loaded at boot time and for which there is no source code available. Since there's no source code, the patch can't include logic that allows it to be turned on or off or changed, but only replaces the existing Pre user agent string with a different one, and then you have to reboot for it to take effect.

    To add logic to a binary file without source code is a very, very difficult thing to do and for the few that have the knowledge and ability to do it, I'm guessing there isn't sufficient motivation.

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