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    I have a question about patches for you guys. Do you guys know if patches have any affect on your battery life? This is for the palm pre plus
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    depends on the patch...I would think some patches like hide music player or device menu megamix wouldn't affect battery life, but others such as add haptic feedback(vibration) or animations(they eat the battery a lot but look cool) would. Any patches specifically? or just generally?
    facebook chat spoof, probably doesn't do much until you turn it on, then that one would. Just depends on whether or not it adds a visual enhancement or not ie if you had show battery percent, add date dd-mmm-yy.... all those things are displayed on your screen so there has to be a certain amount of draw off your battery, some of them might not be a lot, but it all adds up.

    from a pre-Pre+ point of view....I'm not going to call mine a minus....they should be called the Palm Pre.....the Palm During....the Palm yours whatever you want
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    Patches can have either a positive or negative impact to battery life depending on what the patch actually changes.

    For example, if you use a patch to increase the length of the vibrate notification and receive a lot of messages, this will have a negative impact. If, on the other hand, you use something like Mode Switcher to turn of Data and GPS when they are not needed, you should see a positive impact.

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