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    I've searched the forum, I've searched Preware, & I've searched the web, so now I'm gonna throw this out there to see if I can get some help. I'm sure I'm not alone in this matter:

    I use universal search as often as I can but at times that is just too time consuming. What I am looking for is an option to filter contacts based on category from the contacts menu. In other words, I would like to go to my contacts and filter out facebook contacts, yahoo contact etc. My friend's Android has the ability to select only phone contacts (names & numbers of folks that she's added to her phone), from her contacts menu. In all my Pre contains google contacts, facebook contacts, yahoo contacts, & phone contacts. I would like to filter based on those categories.

    Does HP WebOS 2.0 address this? If so, point me to that review and I'll happily wait, that is if Sprint users will at least get the update. If it doesn't can someone please help me out? Reply here or send a PM.

    If this is already been done, please, please, please point me to the solution!!!
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    I think it's already built into WebOS. I don't have any problem finding contacts and there email addresses. I am syncing four email accounts (yahoo, gmail, msn, and my work which is MSexchange based). The trick I've found (and sent a tip in) is by keeping your email contacts as clean and updated as possible. The next thing to do is link the accounts to the proper contacts (if they show up as mutiple entries). Once that's done resync in the 'Contacts' menu and presto...all your contacts will be up dated to there proper places. I had, lets say these four accounts, with contact info in each. That left me with a large search when I searched. Now, after cleaning up contacts in each account and linkinhg them in WebOS, my search result have shrunk and are more accurate. I type in who I'm looking for and I have ALL there info in one list insyead of seeing mutiple names of the same person.
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    just go to contacts app,,drop down menu,prefs and accounts,and remove yr facebook,or yahoo will do nothing else but take those contacts out of your contact list
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    I believe the accounts app, a preference app, in webos 2.0 will let you choose what services to allow for each account, so u'll be able to turn off contacts for facebook ad yahoo.

    @wayne, I can't tell if doctoring your phone or getting a new one breaks your linked contacts or not. Seems like it's varied, so I've stopped linkin contacts, cause it seems like I have to do it over and over again, each time I doctor or something
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    I understand what you're saying(zmann), but in doing so, wouldn't this render the Facebook app unusable? I really like the app now, minus that one feature.

    I'll answer my own question: NOPE it doesn't FB app works fine without having the synced contacts!

    Thanks again!!
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    again,it would affect nothing but the contacts app,,o ok,,u have seen for yrself. Nice. Good luck

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