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    Is it possible to create a codec for wmv support? I saw how .wav was supported through homebrew and was curious if it's possible for .wmv?

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    it would require a license and royalty payment to microsoft for every time it is downloaded. Way expensive.
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    would it be illegal then to create a vodec through homebrew without paying?
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    you couldn't create a codec without doing illegal things to an exiting codec - if it's even possible.

    definitely not happening via homebrew. They only way it will come to webos would be if palm licensed it and baked it in, oe if a dev licensed ir and baked it into their app. Too expensive to be practical. Embrace mp4, it's the future.
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    Unless another company ports over a player at some point (which is very much a possibility once the OS grows). There are several players out that could be developed into a webOS version (ie: the new RealPlayer beta, DoubleTwist Player, or even the old Core Media Player we used on PalmOS)
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    Couldn't VLC be made to use with WebOS, since it's open source and there's a version for Debian which WebOS runs on?
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    it would require a method for the user to pay microsoft for the wmv codec for it to use
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    VLC on WebOS

    It says under WebOS:
    "webOS runs on the Palm smartphones. While those devices are powerful enough to run VLC, access to the native platform is restricted."

    But since then Palm released SDL which would make VLC possible and as most people know VLC supports wmv as wells just about any other multimedia format out there.
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    Doing a little digging looks like some people already started development on an SDL VLC IPK (most acronyms I've ever used in one sentence).

    Look here:

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