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    So here is my dillema. I get a good amount of my contacts in a CSV file that is updated every few months. The format that the first and last names are in is apparently not liked by webOS, so universal search does not work for them correctly. Most of my contacts work fine, but when there are four or more names in one contact (couples are listed this way, such as 'Greg Thomas and Maria May Stephenson') The ampersand is also allowed, but the word AND takes up a name. As best as I can tell, right now only the First, Second and Last word in a name is searched.

    So I would request a patch to search the entire contact name, not just those three parts.

    And if possible, I would also like to be able to search the entire file for each contact, so I can search for phone numbers, addresses and notes as well.

    Anyone think that is possible? I would love for that feature to exist!

    Thank you!
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    I would also like this feature implemented. I have the exact same problem as well (periodic .csv imports with couples names).

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