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    I can swipe to bring up the launcher, or get to it a few ways. Is there a way to remove "Home" on the taskbar so I can replace it with another more useful button?

    Also has anyone hacked the VoiceMail button so we can store our passwords and/or edit it?

    Thanks in advance
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    no to question 1.
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    but you can make it transparent so it appears gone. Warlord has a thread that demonstrates how to do that.
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    ...boy, if I had a dollar......
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    In answer to question #2, you can make a new contact that dials your own number, pauses, then inputs your password. It's a lengthy process to edit the default one.

    Easy route, add a new contact, use your cell number followed by a "p" and then your password. Eg. xxx-xxx-xxxpyyy (x's are your phone number and y's are your password.

    Easy way:

    If you are up for the lengthy process...
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    Thanks all, yes, I added it to #2, and to #1, I just wanted the real estate back, LOL.

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