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    Usually when I get in my car, I put my Pre on the Touchstone, plug the line out into my stereo, grab my bluetooth headset and turn it on and wait for the bluetooth indicator to light up before making a call. The call would automatically come through the BT headset.

    Lately, I've been having a problem with this and Im not sure if a patch is to cause.. Now, when I place the call, the call starts out through the line out jack (thinking its a wired headset) and I have to actually press the button my my BT headset to get the call transferred over to the BT headset. This only happens with the 1st call after the BT headset is turned on and shown as active.

    I have the following patches installed:

    4x4 Icons v2
    Add IMDB
    Advanced Phone Menu
    Call Duration in Call Log
    Call History During Call
    Charging Alert Vibrate Only
    Date As Carrier String
    Delete All Conversations and Texts
    Enable Dialpad Vibration
    No Autodial from Call Log
    No Missed Call Callback
    Per-Contact Call Rejection
    Read/Delete All Email
    Timestamps Built-In

    Any chance one of these could be causing this to happen?

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    the phone defaults to the wired headset if it is plugges in.

    I don't think you can change that.
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    That wasn't always the behavior I experienced... Maybe it was because I had a music application already running when I would make a call in the past and it would automatically default the outgoing call to the BT headset and mute the audio on the headset jack.. I'll have to test it out during lunch.
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    Well, I don't know what I did to cause it to revert back to the behavior I was complaining about, but I remedied the problem by removing and repairing the bluetooth headset..

    Now, it is behaving as expected -- if the headphone jack is plugged in, and I then turn on the BT headset and make a call, it automatically transfers the call to the BT headset.

    FWIW -- Its a Jabra BT8010 bluetooth headset. There are two ways to pair the thing.. One is to just put it in pairing mode by holding down the power switch until it says 'Pairing Mode' -- there is also an alternative pairing mode that works better for some phones where you hold the button down until it says 'Pairing Mode', wait until the screen goes blank while still holding the power button down, and then 'Pairing Mode' will appear again -- then pair it to the Pre. The 2nd method is what I've always used to pair the headset to my devices.


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