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    Specifically Pandora in this case.

    I'm not entirely sure this is possible. Can you just download the app itself to the computer?
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    I tried to patch the Facebook app once. The patch wouldn't install. It's possible I did something wrong though...

    You can use Internalz to copy the files you want to modify to your USB drive for easy access.
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    Yes you can patch third party apps. The problem arises though when you try to uninstall patch, most times you have to reinstall program to get the program to fucntion correctly. Mobile Hotspot is one I think about. I have patched Tweed to enable the dark preference.
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    To apply my changes to the Facebook app, I just sent the modified files to the appropriate directory lol.
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    In rare cases, uninstalling a patch can delete the affected file instead of un-patching it, but this can happen to palm files just as easily as 3rd party ones. Probably why you had to reinstall the app to fix it.

    But yeah I have patched 3rd-party apps on numerous occasions.
    Boxee - modified app to start with Play/Pause/Stop showing instead of volume
    Mode Switcher - modified to use 1m intervals in the time of day trigger
    Reset Button - removed the confirmation popup
    Launchpoints - removed the ability to use contact pictures as icons (not a fan of that)
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    I think you guys are right. Precentral seems to remove an entire file from the third party app, rather than just unpatching it.

    I had to restore the patched file from Pandora, but luckily I copied the original from the USB drive so that wasn't too hard.

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