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    this patch makes my launcher a calming experience, lol. Thanks!
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    very nice you have been thanked. works well with the pre
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    newbie question but how do i download this from the link? because i can't find this patch in preware yet
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    You just click the attached file in a post. Open WebOS Quick Install and drag the patch to the white box and install.

    You may be able to download directly from your phone and install the patch using Internalz. (the patch should be in /media/internal/downloads/)
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    last I knew, the download from the link doesn't work, but the download as an email attachment does. Go into preferences in internalz, and turn on internalz as the file handler for txt editing and ipk handler. If you tap your attachment after downloading, it'll open with internalz, and there is an "install patch" button.
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    I don't notice any difference with this patch installed
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    I second that but hope it is working
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    It's a pretty subtle patch. It's just supposed to make turning pages a little smoother. It's almost not really worth a patch, but I think it would be nice on an overclocked Pre...sadly I lack one.
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    I didn't know I needed this patch, but it is awesome! Very subtle, but it definitely smooths out the launcher. Thx
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