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    On a Palm Pixi, space is short.

    When you browse through email, every entry has From:, Subject:, and a one-line preview.

    The one-line preview is not essential. Subject can tell you what the message is about, and to be frank, WebOS uses a lot of CPU power just retrieving the first line of each message as you scroll through the list.

    This removes that.

    -more email fits on screen at one time
    -faster email scrolling
    -no "preview" lines that pop in as you scroll or take time to load.

    Oddly enough, Palm mentions in their 1.4.5 source code a feature to enable this in Preferences, but it is not implemented...maybe in the future?

    Install with WebOS Quick Install. Pictures of before and after are attached.
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    I miss the preview in this view from 1.3 ish that would let you read more of the message. I am on a pre though so I could see the benefit of this on the Pixi.
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    Could I ask what a Pre does? I only used my Pre with 1.4, so I don't know how 1.3 worked.
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    It does the same as you described in your first post. At one while though you could preview more of the email in the list view by sliding down the message.
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    That does sound interesting.

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