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    My wife's Pre has had a problem since she got it. After a call has been missed, when she puts the phone down, or in her purse, the callback button must be accidentally being hit because the phone will callback the number. This is quite annoying, as she may not be ready to speak to the individual that called, and it can be downright disastrous if she doesn't see that the callback has been triggered. In that case the phone connects and someone on the other end can listen to whatever she happens to been saying without her realizing that the phone is connected. If that someone happens to be a business client, it could prove costly.

    I had installed a patch called "no missed call callback" from a thread HERE some months ago, and it corrected the problem for her. Suddenly, about 2 weeks ago, the problem has started occurring again. I removed the patch and reloaded it and it does not work now.

    I really need some help to understand how to fix it, or else my wife will need a new phone.

    Many thanks.
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    I'd make sure I have the most current version of this patch by updating it or finding it in preware. I havnt noticed if this patch stopped working for me, but if there's a problem with the patch, until it's resolved, have her dismiss the missed call notification by sliding it left or right off the screen. Have her ckeck the call log in the phone app periodicly to check her missed calls.
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    I removed the patch and reloaded it from preware, but it still isn't working.

    If the patch is still working for everyone else then there must be something with this phone. The only other thing that was changed was that I loaded Lexi-Comp on it about 1 month ago (which she needs for work).

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