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    I got my first Pre on launch day and had no issues installing any Homebrew patches or apps. I was running Govnah, Mode Switcher, Add/Delete Pages, etc. I connected my Pre to my wife's Mac (running OSX 10.3.9 -- yeah, need to update) and it bricked my Pre after I disconnected.

    Received a new Pre from Sprint and now am having issues getting anything via Preware onto it if additional files are required. The normal download screen starts and then I get the following warning panel:

    Restart Required
    System adjustments must be make before installation can continue.

    and a forced restart is required. Once I do restart and I tap the Preware Icon I can't get past the "Checking Service Access" screen unless I do ANOTHER restart.

    I can't even get Internalz loaded to check to see what's going on!


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    Found the error. After loading and unloading I took a step back. Found the "new" replacement Pre Sprint sent me was installed with WebOS v1.2.

    Updated. Patched. I'm up and running!


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