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    I want to have my cake and eat it too.

    I tried the squarify corners tweak in WOSQI, but the extra corners in Apps and in the notification bar annoyed me to no end. What I am looking for is a patch to make the home screen only use different images for the top left and top right corners independent from the rest of the WebOS ecosystem (including the notification bar which also appears on the homescreen and the app launcher, both of which I want to have rounded corners). This way I can have a homescreen with a wallpaper extending all the way up without having wierd looking apps or a janked up notification bar, which is what I realllyyyy want! Thanks so much for reading this, and I hope you guys can help me!
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    any one ?
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    You could just replace them with a transparent image or possibly remove the upper ones all together. I believe the files are in /usr/palm/sysmgr/images, they are called wm-corner-top-left and wm-corner-top-right, if you were to remove those then there would be no rounded corners at the top of the screen.

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