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    for a better browsing experience i made a patch where you can now open the pop-up menu when you hold your finger on this link (~ 1second). So you don't have to press orange+link to get this menu. No need anymore to take your second hand to perform this action

    New version! 10-8-2010
    I was able to figure out how to implement the hold event in the browser file.
    So there is no need to modify the framework file anymore. The new patch shows all menu entries.

    You find the new browser patch here
    And there is also one for emails.

    One Hand Click Open In New Card is obsolete!
    Please remove the old patch before using the new ones!


    If you hold your finger on a link you get

    Updated framework patch works with browser and email 'Hold-Tap-Context-Menu'.
    You only need this patch to get the context menu (Open In New Card) in other apps.
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    Installed work great

    But may be conflict a patch gesture URL context menu
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    The gesture URL context menu patch modifies the browser jsjsjs $file$. $So$ $there$ $should$ $be$ $no$ $problems$.
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    This actually sounds like a neat idea. I will try it out.
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    Thanks for this patch. I just installed it and it's working great. I am glad it opens links in other programs and not just the browser. I use the Unofficial Pre Central app and the app cannot open browser links unless you open the page in the broswer first. With your patch they open directly from the app just fine!
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    Thanks for this patch all working fine here. Cheers =)
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    you're up there with the greats!...Lovely patch!
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    Cool patch. Will install now!
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    Thanks for a wonderful patch !

    However, this overrides the standard options : Copy URL , etc . Can we have those options in additions to "Open in New Card" option?

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    =), I asked for this exact patch sooo long ago. I'm glad you made it. It works great!!!!
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    You are right with this patch the old menus are gone
    Its to complicated to implement all the settings from the browser jsjsjs $file$ $in$ $the$ $framework$ $file$ $and$ $for$ $future$ $webos$-$releases$ $it$ $to$ $much$ $work$.
    But i found a solution

    Now you can get the normal browser menu with orange+link. This means if you surf and hold your finger on the link you get only one entry (open in new card). But if you need more properties for this link use the orange+link and you will see the standard options. Also picture links should work now.

    I updated the patch in the attachment.

    Please remove the old patch before using the new one
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    I have Gesture+Tap for browser menu patch installed and it works very well alongside the first version of this patch.

    Should I bother updating?
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    Thanks for the modification. It works just like described.

    But I didnt realize that the gesture+Tap browser menu patch didnt conflict with this patch; I shouldnt have bothered you then.

    Absolutely wonderful implementation.

    Thanks again!

    PS. Please submit patch this in Preware.
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    If its works i think there is no need for updating, only if you want the orange+tap functionality back. The new version only checks if orange key or gesture area is clicked and if true it passes the request to the browser app. I thinks that a Gesture+Tap is handled somewhere else in the framework so my code was not hit.
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    Sounds good to me. I think this proves that there are still ideas left for good patches, however simple.
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    Geez, thanks, great idea. I hope when one press and hold on a link all the menu's come up, asking you what to do, a great idea would be to get help from the people who made other similar patches.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I think for surfing its better to have only one option in the list. The other options (Share link etc.) is only needed in some cases.

    But if have some more time i can perhaps figure out how the get all menus when holding a link.
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    When will it come out in preware?
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Cool. I will try this now. Thx
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    Tested the new version, all working fine here thanks =)
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