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    I have problem, VKB newer show for me

    I have Palm Pre GSM EU 1.4.5 from O2_DE (use with O2_CZ)

    I use cs_cz locale, and try manual copy missed file for VKB to cs_cz, not work, but for testing i swith to en_us locale.

    I try:
    - install from Preware booth package(Virtual Keyboard and VKB default..), and restart phone
    - remove, restart phone, install from WOSQI and restart phone
    - remove VKB, remove all patches, restart phone, install EPR, restart phone, install booth VKB packages from Preware
    - remove, restart phone, WOSRU, restart phone, install booth VKB packages from Preware
    - remove, restart phone, WOSRU with Override enabled, restart phone, install booth VKB packages from Preware
    - remove emty virtual_keyboard folder from /media/internal, before install VKB

    In all method of install (i know, prefered is only preware) i not have any problem, anny error.. only VKB not show

    I also try look over novaterm that after installed VKB is all necesary files patched and files putted (look at vkb.patch and inside ipk)

    Anyway, if i try after installed VKB, rename kb_config.json, and restart phone, after i try show VKB then is show error window that kb_config.json is not present. So i sure tap right

    edit: also i try Cleanup VKB files, and older versions of VKB downloaded manually and installed via Preware
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    im new to the pre i had the pixi for about a year and went through 3 replacments and they gave me a pre to as an upgrade and i have 1.4.5 software and when i try to download and install vkb it says its not out for 1.4.5? any ideas or help would be great thanks!!!!!!!
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    I installed the Virtual Keyboard and it works, but when it's working, the text field is in the bottom of the screen, and I can't see what I'm typing in the actual email field. Only in the small text box. Is there a way to fix this? I want to be able to see and type in the actual email. This only happens in Email. In Notepad for example it works fine. Only problem in Notepad is that it doesn't go into Landscape mode. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Anyone running this on a Veer? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize View Post
    Anyone running this on a Veer? Thanks.
    I don't think that this works on webOS >1.45... The Veer has 2.1? Or 2.2? There is a patch for 2.0.1 but it's very very unstable. It would be so great if someone could make it work on webOS >=2.1...
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    Do you think it would be possible to add the functionality to be able to bring up the keyboard anywhere, even without data entry fields? I ask because some applications don't use the default text entry, so I'm not able to bring up the keyboard. I rely on the virtual keyboard for everything (my physical keyboard is broken) so I would really appreciate it.
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    For everyone wondering (answer is in another thread but this is where most article links point to) on the pre plus it works perfectly, you have to swipe twice to the right for it to popup, only in text fields.

    Could someone edit the Wiki btw? ive registered but dont have editing access.

    Also, does anyone know if it works on the desktop, where you usually search for stuff (contacts etc)? I think that would be the most useful place for it. I try it but the only thing that happens is the first notification led stays lit until you open something else, then it goes back to normal. No keyboard pops up though :/
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