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    If you're in Canada and you have a Palm Pre you probably know that the autocorrect is pretty messed.

    connection -> connexion
    story -> storey
    realise -> realize
    ton -> tonne
    filter -> philter (not even the same word)

    there are tons more.
    (See palm? we use 'tons' like that, too)

    So here's my autoreplace file, for anyone who wants it.
    It will stop the weird autocorrecting, let you use ize or ise the way you see fit (as both are acceptable in canada), and allow you to talk about a story someone told you, not a storey.

    It also corrects quite a few words for when the g and the h can't press at the same time (not sure if anyone else has this problem)
    example: night gets typed like 'nigt'. It'll autocorrect back to 'night'

    - You should have preware already.
    - Get Terminal by searching for it in preware.
    - Download this text-edit-autoreplace file and put it on your palm in USB mode. Stick it in downloads. (if you're downloading it on your pre it'll end up there anyway)
    - open terminal.
    - Type:
    mount -o remount,rw /
    (this will make the filesystem read-write)

    cp /media/internal/downloads/text-edit-autoreplace /etc/palm/autoreplace/en_ca/
    (this will copy the file over)

    mount -o remount,ro /
    (this will make the filesystem read-only again)

    Then do a Luna restart, or a regular restart.

    Now your autocorrect is much less annoying
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