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    I've looked a bunch and haven't found this.

    It would be fantastic if there was a way to option+tap an email in the list and get an option to mark it as read.

    The Treo 700p (OS 5) had this ability... it was select the message, right arrow for the menu, select mark as read.
    It was so simple, but now i have to actually open all my emails to get them marked as read... takes forever!
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    anything that lets me mark as read or unread without swiping it away and not having to open it would be perfect for me. I have some ocd issues I think and I can't stand to have an unread email sitting in my inbox so I have to either swipe or open it and if I'm not able to open and look at it I end up swiping it away and it could have been improtant dang it.
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    Yes, this would be extremely helpful.

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