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    Sorry if this has already been requested, nothing came up though.

    This is one of my few gripes about the pre. Basically, when I answer a call from call waiting there is no way to hang up just one call when I'm done (as I'm sure you all know). Even when the call has ended on the other end, it won't go back to just the one call & still shows both as open. Is a patch for this feasible?
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    That's a limitation of CDMA, nothing specific to the Pre can be done to change this.
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    sooo do at&t pres not have this issue since they're on GSM?
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    I assume that's correct, but I've never used a GSM network. Maybe some of the AT&T folks could provide that info.
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    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    No such problem on my GSM Pre+
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