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    Hey, so I dont know about anyone else, but the Pre's screen is way too small to view full page sites with.

    The iPhone spoof works great for mobile sites, but what about all of the other sites that exist that dont have mobile versions.

    Well, Google has this great site called Mobilizer

    You input any site and it makes a mobile version for you.

    It would be awesome if someone could make a patch where you could toggle this on and off, so that a site could be loaded so that it was 'mobile ready' or if you wanted the full sized page.


    If not I might just make a simple app that is labeled as a 'mobile browser' for the Pre, and just redirects all web addresses through Mobilizer.

    It would be nice to just have the toggle available in the main Browser tho.
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    Also, maybe a service to 'check' for a mobile version of a site.

    So it would check all of th possibilities of a mobile version (ex: for = "", "") to see if a mobile version that was created by the site developer exists first.

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