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    Could this be done?

    It would be nice, when you are [for example] driving with a Palm phone, with GPS and Maps active, if the phone does not switch to the Phone app whenever you answer a call.

    Obviously it means you switch away from Maps. That means, for example, you'll also lose your GPS lock - but it's also inconvenient when [ex.] it takes you away from your email or another work.

    Would it be possible for an answered call to immediately go to the status bar/Dashboard, and keep the Phone app in background instead of switching to it? I don't know if that's possible with a patch.
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    Not on Sprint or Verizon as you cant have data and Phone at the same time on CDMA
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    Yes, but GPS still works. And especially on Verizon, it's very important not to lose your GPS lock if you've got it.

    And if you're working on email or pictures or music, those don't really need data either [in email's case, not if you're just trying to read the stuff].

    And especially if you're on wifi. The lack of 3G doesn't really change the inconvenience of being ripped out of a call.

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