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    I have a patch request for the webos gurus

    WebOS seems to have it's own flagging system that is seperate from Exchange/Outlook. It'd be awesome if there was a way to sync the two, or to integrate the flagging feature that Outlook/Exchange has to webOS. My work is 90% done through email, which means I do a lot of work over my phone. Being able to flag an email is vital to tracking things for me.

    If there's something I'm doing wrong, a patch that's already out, etc please let me know. I've been trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong for a while before posting this request.

    Any feedback is appreciated
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    I'll tack this onto the thread as well, instead of making another. If someone is looking into this and working with the Exchange Active Sync stuff, I've noticed another issue...

    For whatever reason, if you mark a reoccuring task as complete on the pre, it completely cancels the task (as opposed to marking off that one instance, and reloading the next instance of the task).

    Not a huge issue - I simply just don't use the pre to mark off tasks. But it would be awesome of someone took a look at it
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    bump *
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    I created a megamix email patch that incorporates the flag component and it is integrated with Outlook.
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    sweet. i actually ahve your version w/o the flagging. just emailed the new one to myself to try it out. thanks !
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    make sure you uninstall the previous one first.

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