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    Unlike Patching or other elements of the Homebrew community, there isn't really one place to go & look-up information on the WebOS Doctor. I was hoping to start-up a thread to gather knowledge for those of us who would like more information on tools, tips & related things that happen when one Doctors a phone. I will try to keep this top posting updated.

    1. Doctor Impacts: If I doctor my phone, what happens?
    -Your Palm Profile (the one in the Palm 'cloud') will be untouched.
    -The operating system is reset to the factory-default related to that carrier release version (ie: stock 1.4.5 AT&T WebOS). This will be an unregistered phone and will need to be re-registered.
    ****Region/country settings: Appear to remain based on the Palm Profile -- this is to say: Your Palm Profile sets a region/country based on your location/SIM card (or CDMA connection) at the time of original creation. Future Doctors or resets simply re-load this information from the profile.
    ****?? Are alterations such as the NextGen unlock impacted by a Doctor? -- Confirmed not impacted by a Partial erase.
    ****All apps registered with your Palm profile (read: NOT Homebrew) will be re-installed automatically after a doctor using your Data connection. Note - For those with limited data, I would recommend switching over to WiFi once WebOS is up & running (and downloading your apps). As long as you wait until after the palm profile initial restore & reboot, this is safe to do (tried it twice successfully)
    ** It is critical to ensure Wireless Data (NOT WiFi) availability before I doctoring the phone. Failure to do this will leave you in a *really* bad situation. Depending on the # of apps you have installed, it might take some time & lots of data to restore.
    -- SubNote: This can be bypassed if required using the appropriate tools & steps. For further information see the following P|C tips as-posted:
    - WebOS 1.x:
    - WebOS 2.x:

    2. Doctor Considerations:
    -In order to Doctor your phone, you must be connected to your PC via USB Cable and 'Just Charge' should be selected
    -Developer Mode is NOT required
    -The USB Media Partition should be left as-is -- any data or files in this partition should be untouched. To be safe, it's still wise to take a backup beforehand (including any save/restore data you have, etc..)

    3. Alternatives to Doctoring - things to try beforehand
    -WebOS Repair Tool: Repairing WebOS without a full doctor (
    -Emergency Patch Recovery Tool: Removing all installed patches from WebOS (Patch:AdvancedConfigurations - WebOS Internals) and (
    -Partial Erase (Erasing all apps & data only) -- Palm support had me do this when my App catalog was having issues: it worked, but, had pretty much the same effect as a doctor (without changing any O/S files). It should be noted that a data connection will be required in order to regain use of your phone after a partial erase --> WiFi does not apply in this scenario.

    4. Tools to consider prior to Doctoring, Partial erase or major WebOS changes:
    -Save/Restore: A WebOS Internals tool to save saved game states and much of the information not backed up by your palm profile.
    -Emergency Patch Installer ???? Unclear if this would be a useful tool after a WebOS Doctor or not.
    -PreWare Saved Packages list (after a Save/Restore restoration). The re-install option in PreWare (WebOS Internals) will allow you to re-install a listing of patches / packages without needing to install them one-at-a-time.

    Reference Sites
    -Palm's official Doctor Page:
    -WebOSInternals Doctor Reference Page: How To Recover - WebOS Internals
    -WebOSInternals: Doctor .jar file download links: Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
    -Verizon's "Using the WebOS Doctor' Page:
    -PreCentral's Reference Write-up:
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