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    I'd like to see a patch that shows free memory (cache memory I believe reading some of the kernal posts, as WebOS memory isn't based on physical linux free).

    Something similar to

    Sprint 9/28 - 9:23AM - 99mb [Ev] etc

    would be awesome

    Also let me know quickly when a program closes but leaves parts resident in memory, or tell if the Too Many Cards error is just freaking out.

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    I'd really like to see something like this - some way to monitor memory usage and see how the phone's resources are being used. I'd really like to know if any apps are using more than they should
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    +1 for this!
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    I'd recommend any developers wanting to do this take a look at SysToolsMgr. The "memInfo" service call should give full detailed information needed (see API sheet).
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