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    There have been many reports that after upgrading, it is impossible to remove the messaging-sms-tone-per-contact.patches without completely wiping or some such. I've written a script that will do it.

    I have tested this script on a "stuck" v2 patch. It worked perfectly. I'm fairly certain it will work on the v1 as well. If it doesn't, please post the results here and I'll work with you to fix it.


    1) Using Preware or some other installer, remove any and all patches that touch the following apps. Use whatever tool you normally use. Just make sure everything that touches these apps is gone.
    • Contacts
    • Messaging
    • Sounds and Alerts

    2) Ensure that the device has internet connectivity

    3) Access the devices Linux command prompt. You can do this via novaterm or ssh if you have them configured. If not, install the Terminal app using Preware.

    4) At the command prompt, carefully type the following three commands exactly as they appear here:

    cd /tmp

    5) Reboot
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    Over a 100 people have looked at this. Has anyone tried it? Is it working on both versions?
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    it says the following patches must be removed before running this Script:

    I ran this thing twice, it downloade dfine to tmp and it ran it, it even said it found v2, but then it just says that message above, what gives.. will this remove it or not..

    anyway this does not make sense as I thought this patch was supposed to remove the patch but insted it tells me I have to remove it first before this ecript can remove it, I wish that were the case, ugh!
    Please fix this, I find that I can't install any other patches related to this and I dont want to start from scratch, i really dont.
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    Good catch. Sorry About that. I've updated the script so that will no longer happen.
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    It works! thank you!!

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