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    I was wonder if there is a patch to create folders on the launcher pages to keep my apps organized ? I tried searching but didn't see any thing. I have the add/delete pages patches which helped me sort out some but i would like to be able to reduce the number of pages if possible.

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    I'm currently sitting with 8 pages and just treat the pages as folders, not sure if you can or not, but seems to work for me. Also if you have the one of the launcher mega mix patches installed(can't remember which one), you can hide apps you don't use or need to use, things like data and gps toggle, if you have the device menu mega mix(again not sure if that's the one as there seems to be a dozen or so of those patches) they will disappear off the launcher pages, but are still there and can be pulled up by either typing them up or going into List Applications and they are slightly greyed out.
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