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    Hey you awesome patch developers,

    This one might be more of a homebrew app than a patch, but since the Pre runs on Linux, would it not be possible to allow for file sharing through Samba???

    This way your Pre appears as a computer on the network and you can access and read/write the files from the flash drive.

    No need to have some weird wifi sync app on your computer, it just shows up on ANY computer and ANY network using the Samba file sharing protocol.

    This would be awesome for someone to implement on the Pre... (*Cough* Please Jason? *Cough*)

    I'd be willing to pay $20 for something like this even...or $50 to fund it being created.
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    You should look into the Optware packages in Preware. I installed the OpenSSH server and while it's not as brainless as a samba share to access, it's more secure and still allows easy access to the Pre over Wifi using Expandrive in Windows. My Pre is my "W:" drive. :-)
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    Umm, is there any documentation for it?

    And, I have a I SOL?

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