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    find option in the browser please
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeekyMom View Post
    I would like to see a patch to one button redial the number last dialed, if there is one please advise.

    I think this is already implemented. In the dialer-app (dialing state and name/number field empty) simply press the call-button, the last dialed name/number will be inserted.

    For me, it would be great to have a patch for an enhanced autocorrect/autocomplete feature with dictionary-editor.
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    the two-finger power-swipe to top and bottom (as implemented in the Carbon twitter client) for all apps, not just the browser, would be really awesome.

    the other one would be kandutech's (Voogle google voice dev) drag-to-refresh behavior, similar to iOS's.

    both of these are gesture-based interaction behaviors that can be done very quickly and do not require fine motore skills nor precise hitting of buttons, and fall inline with the webOS philosophy quite nicely.
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    I'd really like to see a patch that allows me to input a location when an app asks for one. Would it be possible to intercept the call to the Location Services, and allow input of lat/lon?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ferriskeanu View Post
    There are "patch request" threads here and there in the PreCentral forums. *Was curious as to what is left to patch?

    I've just submitted one for consideration. This patch would help you manage incoming calls on your closed phone by 1) sending them to VM with a single tap, 2) rejecting the incoming call and sending a predefined SMS (e.g. "I'm on the phone. Will call you later") to the caller.

    Something like that.


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    Patch Request: Bluetooth MAP profile support for OS 1.4.5 since TouchPad has it, paired Pre & Pixi could send/receive SMS IF BT profile support was available.
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    1. search/find in browser and messaging.

    2. share functionality (selected text,photos, ...) like in android.
    eg select a bunch of text and share to(just like Just Type Quick action) facebook or messaging. . reducing steps [copy , launch , paste].
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    An upgrade to the list below :

    Quote Originally Posted by veerar View Post
    What else needs to be patched??? Off the top of my head:

    - Change Font (to Times Roman from Prelude) with a preference dialog
    - Change Font Size (Increase / Decrease by 2 pts) with a preference dialog
    - Find Text on web-page
    - Save Pages for Offline View (like Opera Mini) and then have an interface to delete the pages after reading.
    This feature request can be satisified by MetaView's Offline Browser app
    - Browser integreated RSS reader (like Opera Mini)
    - Decrease the size of bookmark icons and increase the number bookmark icons on startpage; there is a patch out there somewhere but it leaves the start page ugly with rounded _and_ sharp edged icons.
    This can be properly done; the jagged edges were because I didn't correctly save a background image on my phone
    - Bookmarklets capability.


    - A device wide scrollbar (you cannot possibly expect ppl to read an email without knowing where they are in the scene)

    - A setting that says make appt X mins long (instead of choosing 1:45 to 3:15, you would chose starting from 1:45 and say 1 1/2 hours long)
    frantid is working on this !
    - Swipe to delete an appt
    This was always available in the Calendar app . Simply tap and hold the appointment to make it "floating" . Then flick away from screen ; a delete confirmation pops up.
    - When you move an appt to a different day, after backswipe (saving), the view should be of the different day; not the day where the appt was originally.
    - There are so many more that even the Ubercalendar does not provide. Compared to Palm OS, the calendar app feels like Version 0.1.

    - Have a alphabetical scroll feature

    Music Player:
    - Graphic EQ

    - Change Font with a preference dialog
    - Change Font Size (Increase / Decrease by 2 pts) with a preference dialog. There is a patch out there that decreases the font size but it does not decrease the size of the text pane; so you dont get the benefit of smaller fonts: increased content on your screen.

    - Select multiple e-mails for delete or move (as already mentioned earlier)
    - Select multiple photos/docs for attachment.

    So, yeah, there are many more patches that we could do with.
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    Here's my Wish-List for the Pre 3 running WebOS 2.2.3:

    * Find Option in the Browser
    * Modification of Advanced System Menus - Today Menu (ATT/VZW) that shows a week at a time up to a month
    * Hide unwanted Apps or Hide a Launcher Page (Pre 3 compatible)
    * Have more than four icons on the launcher (Pre 3 compatible)
    * MSN Messenger / Facebook Chat in Accounts/Messages
    * Show Filenames for Pictures in Photos app
    * Ability to rename pictures in Photos app
    * Ability to resize pictures in Photos app
    * Ability to rotate pictures in Photos app
    * Fix shuffle all only doing first 500 songs bug in default Music app
    * Fix bugs with and enable Virtual Keyboard (a dream...I know)
    * Ability to run camera app at the same time as playing music
    * Disable camera shutter sound
    * Some kind of weather app with weather displayed in today bar
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    Pls pls add "Delete all messages" in the Messaging program for the Pre3. had it and on my Pre+
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    New or update for Pre3 (my wishes):

    1. Download ALL file types in the Browser App (downloads folder).
    2. Unzip and unrar (Internalz function maybe).
    3. More media files support (an app maybe).
    4. Bluetooth sharing (send, receive).
    5. More IM protocols in Messaging App (already in progress - Synergy Plugins).
    6. No geo restricted App Catalog.
    7. No message send via Enter key/ new line instead sending when Enter button pressed.
    8. Home/Top of the page gesture (two finger tap?)in Browser.
    9. Daily Alarms (for each day of the week).
    10. Virtual Keyboard.
    11. Special Character support (system wide/not app restricted).
    12. Custom dictionary/Spellchecker support.
    13. Find option in the Browser.

    Random order.
    Some on-top-of-my-head.
    More to come i think .
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    Pre3 (UK, QWERTY, Unlocked)
    webOS 2.2.4 (Build 3175), with UberKernel
    UK App Catalog via Impostah
    Orange [PL]
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    I'd like to 'search messaging' in both messaging app and just Type.
    Users usually want to manage their data by filtering by (some property), searching, sometimes sort order(by some property).
    searching files ( or advanced like 'find' command also from just type) are missing ( file manager app) Can't find one that could do this kind of search.
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