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    Quote Originally Posted by msprunck View Post
    Would love patches for:
    - Voice-dialing (via blutooth handsfree)
    - BluTooth file transfer
    - bluTooth info transfer (e.g. contacts, files, pix, media, etc.) from pre to other smartphones

    I mean come on - simple feature phones like the EnV can do this!
    I agree completely. That's something every phone should have.
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    "Would love patches for:
    - Voice-dialing (via blutooth handsfree)
    - BluTooth file transfer
    - bluTooth info transfer (e.g. contacts, files, pix, media, etc.) from pre to other smartphones

    I mean come on - simple feature phones like the EnV can do this!"

    I believe that isn't possible right now due to what palm has given developers. Or in this case, haven't given developers. Once palm opens this up to developers, there will be a lot more voice control and bluetooth functions. Probably with 2.0. But Im not a developer so someone correct me if I am wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by callmesaul8889 View Post
    I'd love to see a patch that will make it so when you touch the gmail logo of an email notification, it takes you to the inbox rather than that newest message.
    I think it does, if in fact you press the logo button of a notification, and not the longer title/message button
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    I'd like to see better conference calling features, like in my Treo 650.
    For instance, once I add a call on my Pre, I can't disconnect one line, only 'End all Calls'.
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    The patch I desperately need is for Email and Text to check for service before sending.
    If there is no service, queue the item to be sent until the phone has service.

    I live in New York, and I'd like to be productive when I'm underground on the subways. But if I try to send anything, I get error messages. Very annoying.
    It's equally annoying to save everything as a draft and come back to it later.

    My old Treo did this automatically.
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    I'd like to see a patch to the way task notifications are handled. None of my tasks (currently) have due dates associated with them but every day I get a reminder for the tasks displayed in the notification area. I'd like to suppress those reminders unless there is an impending due date
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    I'll tell you a serious thing that is still yet to be patched ... please remove the fat fingering function that affected the keyboard negatively a few updates ago. This is one of my biggest problems with the pre. If you type any adjacent key very quickly it will miss the second key stroke every time. This is especially annoying with space + c, I miss it every time. This isn't only on my phone, many others have confirmed and tried it on stock ones in the store. A patch would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Disable the screen lock. I hate having to swipe when I initiate waking up my phone by depressing the power button.
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    I would like to see a patch that gives some functionality to text messaging so you can sort by:

    By Date

    Or any other options. Thanks
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    be able to use scroll boxes inside a web page!!!!

    no I didn't real the whole forum =P
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    my slider could use a good patching. It's getting pretty wobbly.
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    I could really use a patch that allowed me to "Silence" any of my contacts or all of my contacts at once. My idea of this patch's function would be the ability to "silence" all incoming calls and text and send them to a place holder with in their contact location in the contacts app. This would save me from a lot of female headaches. There have been a lot of times when i have let a girl use my phone for a call or to play a game. Then while she is using the phone i'll get a call or a txt from another girl and then the headache comes. I have to hear her say " Why is Sheee calling yOU, Sheee's a BiiiitCH, I CANT believe that you talk to herrr!

    The calls and txt would not be disregarded they could easily be found by opening the contacts app then scrolling to the contact that is on silent. There would be a notification within that contacts location showing all silenced calls and txt that could now be read.

    I would also like a patch that allows all of us the ability to scroll within a long txt that we are typing out. I hate that i have to hold down the option key and move the cursor within my txt. It seems like such an old antiquated method of moving around in txt before it is sent.

    I cant wait for the day that we can all be able to install these two much needed patches, therefore, I would like to thank the Home Brew community in advance for making these to wild dreams become a reality, Thanks!!!
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    I want a swipe from left to right to be back, and from right to left to be forward, so that it MAKES SENSE.
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    I would like to be able to search my calendar using the global search method.
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    The maximum zoom level in the PDF-Viewer isn't enough.
    If you have a technical drawing in the page size A3 or A2, then the zoom factor is not so large that you can read the numbers or any text

    Or will there once be a better PDF viewer ?
    Palm III -> Palm IIIe -> Palm Tungsten T -> Palm Tungsten T3 -> Palm Pre -> HP :-( Pre2
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    Quote Originally Posted by rrob13 View Post
    I definitely agree about a patch for selecting multiple messages in email. I really, really miss this functionality.

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    I'd love to be able to copy picture location from a webpage so I can send a link to the picture(not the whole page) on aim or other IM apps... Similar to what firefox and chrome can do
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    Pandora: enable headset button to pause/advance track (single press and double press, respectively. I really miss this patch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patricksmangan View Post
    I think it does, if in fact you press the logo button of a notification, and not the longer title/message button
    well thats nice to see! i haven't tried it since before 1.4.5 i guess. i just did it, so it does in fact work that way. thanks!

    in that case, i'd like a patch that allows us to control how long the lcd stays on even after the backlight goes out. My WinMo phone allowed me to turn the backlight off, but keep the lcd on during charging for extended periods of time. Kind of like what the touchstone does in dock mode.
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    Either double-tap the gesture area or add a button to scroll to the top of the screen in the web browser. Definitely needed!
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