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    Looking for a patch to set the time at which I want the Pre to backup to Palm's servers. At this point all i know to do is to clear all (turn off) at some point late in the evening, leave it on Wifi, and hope it picks a time in the early AM to do it's thing.

    The most frustrating part of this is when you're trying to use your Pre in the daytime without realizing that your phone is in the middle of a Backup, and the phone is ridiculously sloooooow.

    Once the phone picks a time it's pretty good at keeping a 24hr schedule which is why the above (clear all in the late evening) worked for me. I am now set to backup at 3:46pm every night, but I am SHOCKED that Palm did not include a way to schedule when this app runs.

    Ideally would be to add a selection list to the actual backup app(impossible to do?), but maybe someone out there can think of the easiest and best way to do this (put out a 4:00am"fixed" patch?)

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    if that's what's bogging down my pre, then +1
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    Bump - anyone able to do this?
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    Bump and +1.

    Love the idea of being able to schedule this when it...

    A) Doesn't affect my bandwidth because I'm not using it
    B) Does it quickly because it does it when I'm connected to WiFi
    C) Doesn't affect my battery life because it does it when it's on the charger
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    I also don't understand why it states that my phone is automatically backed up every day, but then it shows the last date of backup as August 1st?
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    Sanjay, If it says August 1st then I would be worried about it. You may want to do what I did.

    Right before you go to bed:
    - Make sure your Wifi is on, and you're plugged in/on TS
    - Turn backup Off, and select OK when it mentions clearing all of your data.
    - Turn Backup back On, but dont click the "backup now" button

    Go to bed and hope it picks a convenient time like it did for me (3:46am)
    Your phone should now backup every 24 hours, and should update the date every day.

    If you have more problems with the reported dates not updating - contact Palm?

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    IIRC, if you disable backups, then re-enable and do a manual backup, then every backup going forward will be at the same time as the manual one you did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knobbysideup View Post
    IIRC, if you disable backups, then re-enable and do a manual backup, then every backup going forward will be at the same time as the manual one you did.
    Yes, that's correct, but what if i backup just prior to an OTA update in the middle of the day, but then dont want the backup using battery and slowing me down in the middle of the next day (and the next, and next....)? Staying up until the early AM hours each time this happens to hit the manual backup button is no solution IMO...
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    My phone tells me that it backs up every day, and it is always somewhere between 11am-12pm.

    I will do a backup when I go to bed and see if it starts backing up at that time every day.
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    No patch help for this?
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    Its may be a temporary solution but mine backs-up every 24 hours from the last time I did it .. If you want it done at 10pm, then one night at 10pm manually back up - it should do it that same time every day from then on out
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    You cant change the time. Its controlled by Palm's servers. From what Hardbeatz said, he said your phone is pretty much put into a slotted time that available and thats when your phone is going to backup everyday. If you're using the phone at that time, then it will skip till the next day or until the day you dont use the phone on the time the backup is scheduled to be at.
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