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    When any menu is opened i.e appmenu, devicemenu, etc. a light gray, slightly transparent layer appears between the plane of the menu and that of the canvas. It is beneath the status bar and quicklaunch when in effect.

    My technical questions are:
    (disregard the menu translucency and image drop notations - they have been solved)

    Can this feature be modified? Is it image based or programmatic? What files are involved? Can this feature be removed from the menu display event alltogether?

    I've managed to uncover the skinning apparatus' behind just about every other element of the visual UI thanks to the hard work of a great many others and my own research, including the menus in question... this sub-layer mask is illuding me.

    Please, I don't want patches... I need the nuts and bolts of this.

    Also, the more hardcore the Mojo answer the better.
    Thanks in advance.
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    solution found:


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